Saturday, January 16, 2016

Finally finished!

Baby opening buttoned up

Months of delay coincided with a serendipitous prolonging of fall, as the winter temperatures now ascend upon us, my baby wearing sweater Baby and Me Poncho is complete.

opening for hand
By no means is this a perfect piece. stitch errors are quite visible to the naked eye. Were I to make another one I would consider stopping the stitch increases a little sooner, but on the whole I'm pretty pleased with how the shape of this turned out and isn't as wonky as I began to fear it had become. For the last half of this poncho I was working two long circular needles to accomplish this seamless work of persistence. This took me quite a long time to complete, so please do not ask me to make you one... at least not till I no longer have a houseful of little people of my own. I would have to charge about $1k to make this worth my while. The thought had crossed my mind many times that perhaps sewing a poncho with felted wool with an organic cotton lining might have been a heck of a lot faster. Or even a polyester fleece shell with a cotton lining... This poncho's baby opening closes with large wooden (firmly sewn on) buttons, but a sewn poncho might do much better to have KAM snaps. Now that's something I "could" probably whip up in a weekend! .... but I'm on to the next project box... another felted Christmas Stocking! My second one will be the Deer Family.