Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Snow Hat

This one I finished last month for Charlotte. However, I finally put the button on this past weekend, so now it's officially finished. It's kind of gwady, but she likes it. Who's to question the florishing fashion sence of a 5 year old anyhow. Pink is in, pink is big, and flowers are here to stay!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

While I wait for my yarn

I've got a large pile of clothes and rags sitting by the sewing machine. I really need to keep combing through it and get rid of it all. However, there are some gems in that pile and I just need to fix them and get them back into our drawers.

This rose embroidered dress I made for Charlotte when she was two years old. Then the waist ribbon came off and I needed to hand stitch it back on. Well, now that Felicity is three it's not a moment too soon, ah?

Now, there's this pair of pants that used to belong to Peter. Thankfully, I pulled these out of his drawers before he thoroughly thrashed them. Only one knee was ripped. I'm working on a little applique so that Charlotte can get some wear out of these. Poor girl, most of her pant and short collection are cast down from Peter's thread torn pile. However, she seems to like these already and keeps asking if they're finished yet. No, still more hand stitching to be done, don't you think.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Delays

This dress will take a while longer to finish. I ran out of Aegean Sea colored yarn with just three inches to go on the last bit. "No biggie, I thought, just go online and buy more", because this was not a discontinued color last I checked. But wouldn't you know it, they were out of stock for this color! My heart sank thinking about how I might have to rip this whole thing up and start over again. I e-mailed to see if they were going to restock Aegean Sea. Thank the heavens, they do expect more in...and I could care less if it's not from the same dye lot, seriously I don't care if there's a shade difference, I'm not starting this dress over again.

But I've got to wait for it to come into stock, and then of course there will be another week more to wait for shipping of said yarn to my house. This will probably be a record for longest duration to finish dress start to finish. And this my friends is another reason why I shy away from custom orders now. I'm stressed out enough as it is, and this dress is for my own daughter. I can't take the pressure of making all this magic happen in a timely manner for customers, who's feedback I so highly value.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

On again off again... the needles

It's been a while since I've completed something...okay, for feels like a long time. This is a headband for a dress I'm making my daughter. Usually I do the headbands last, but I've been torn over how to do this particular dress. I've restarted it three times.

My dress needles are starting to I'm having a bit of knitter's block as it were.