Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow hats

I've been doing a bit of knitting during our vacation. I've made five snow hats, or you could call them beanies, I'm sure they could have several names...

...and I thought I wouldn't mind making some for my shop. Everywhere I went folks asked where we got our hats. Then when I said, "I made them," folks would say something to the effect of, "you should sell them!"

They're not very hard, and not terribly labor intensive...well at least not as time consuming as one of my dresses anyway!

But, there's this new law from the CPSIA coming into affect Feb. 2009 that will require all items intended for children under the age of 12 to be subjected to lead testing and such. Now, I didn't think this pertained to clothes, but now I'm told that the law is so nonspecific, that it most likely includes things such as my dresses...and just about anything else I could think of to make. Wow!

There's no way I could afford to spend several thousand dollars per item...and since all of my creations are one of a kinds (for the most part), would I be required to submit them all for testing...or face a very, very high fine?

Several of my fellow crafter friends are very confused and concerned. And yet, nobody can ease their fears. Now, if you want to read a bit on this you can visit a few different sites. Then contact your Representative and ask him or her to push for a change or clause that would exempt cottage industry inside the USA. Americans make great's time to stop regulating ourselves out of business!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

It fits!

And Angel seems to appreciate her new jacket, and it couldn't have come a day too soon.

Yes, it does fit a Cocker Spaniel. Of course, only a girl dog, a boy dog would need a different pattern for the under belly strap.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dog Jacket

My mom was telling me about the dog sweater she bought, and how her dog hated it. She wanted something for the dog for walks in the winter time. It rains a lot where she's at.

So...super me to the rescue...

* The outer shell is a Polyester laminate (water proof)

* The lining is a very thick impervious fleece by polar tech (malden mills...made in the U.S.A.) and also virtually water proof.

* And for safety, some reflective stripes (I found for 50% off at Joann's a couple weeks ago, thought it would come in handy...and it has)
* Velcro closures for under the belly and around the neck, with a fold over Velcro tab for the wash (like you see on Velcro diapers and keep the lint out).

I think this should do the trick. Now let's hope I got the dimensions correct. I take it as a good sign that it does not fit my collie. Hopefully, that means it will fit my mom's cocker spaniel just fine.

Maybe next year for Christmas I'll make her a rain hat too...goodness, I don't know if I can't think around those dimensions at this late hour.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Electra Repurposed

Yes, you can take a beat up boys bike and turn it into something a 5 year old girl would love to ride. A little simple green, black spray paint, new white wall tires, new seat, and new basket cover, and it's almost better then the girls' version of this bike. Seriously, we're thinking of writing Electra and telling them our bike is better then theirs.

I made the basket liner, but Daddy Saint Nick did the rest.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Toddler Longies

Yeah, she still needs longies. Accidents are just a chronic affliction around here, but we're too far into this to revert back to full time diapers. She does use the potty some times. A good pair of cotton training pant (or side snap fitted diaper that can be pulled up and the toddler-ease), and some wool pants, and we're sitting pretty.
These were knit in the round, no seams! I hate sewing up seams...all I had to do was tuck in the tails.
You know I think Mother Mary was a knitter. Well, because I can think of no other way to make a seamless garment. So I believe she knit the round. :)