Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yellow Spring Lace Back Shirt

Today I finished this top for my daughter's birthday, which was last week, to go with the pink skorts.

I've got another on the needles for her little sister now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's longies

The mystery project I started a while back is just about done. I only need to tuck in the tails and lanolinize.

I've inserted a size small, MotherEase, Sandie's diaper so you can see how I worked to shape the rump a littler better. I also added seed stitching to the soak zone thinking it would help to add a bit more wool to that area without making a double knit layer (which I don't really know how to do with longies anyhow).

These are for my baby....though when I finished my dh asked me if they were for my (almost four year old) daughter. Nope, I'm done making her wool pants...I hope.

So close...but so far away

I've all but given up on the idea of pursuing all that is now required to legally sell my hand knit dresses. It's a crying shame, but I haven't much time these days to knit, let alone figure out how to accomplish all the bureaucratic &#!* that I would need to do to fulfill the new CPSIA laws. I've tried to keep up, but it's too overwhelming.

I just want to knit and sew dresses and not worry about breaking some law.

This morning I came across the address for the's practically in my back yard!

It's not lost on me that I still have about six completed dresses sitting in my sewing room, which I'm too afraid to list on Etsy...because they haven't been lead tested, nor do they have tracking labels.

I've always labeled my dresses with a sew on, cotton tag. That label includes my name, and my website address. Also included is a hand written label that describes the fabric/ fiber content, care instructions, my e-mail, and my name (again), and that the article is entirely hand made.

I try to think of everything. I even include a disclosure on my listings that I have a dog...just in case they're allergic to dogs.

So, the CPSC is just 15 miles away...and it's tempting to just go and show off my dresses to these folks...what else can I do with them? I'm wondering if I should send them the remaining dresses...I don't know it would do any good...but it's as if nobody sees what they've done to the American work at home mom who loves to make children's clothes (diapers, toys, and so many things).

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,an independent federal regulatory agency, located at 4330 East WestHighway, Bethesda, MD 20814 Toll-free hotline: (800) 638-2772