Wednesday, September 24, 2008

While I wait for my yarn

I've got a large pile of clothes and rags sitting by the sewing machine. I really need to keep combing through it and get rid of it all. However, there are some gems in that pile and I just need to fix them and get them back into our drawers.

This rose embroidered dress I made for Charlotte when she was two years old. Then the waist ribbon came off and I needed to hand stitch it back on. Well, now that Felicity is three it's not a moment too soon, ah?

Now, there's this pair of pants that used to belong to Peter. Thankfully, I pulled these out of his drawers before he thoroughly thrashed them. Only one knee was ripped. I'm working on a little applique so that Charlotte can get some wear out of these. Poor girl, most of her pant and short collection are cast down from Peter's thread torn pile. However, she seems to like these already and keeps asking if they're finished yet. No, still more hand stitching to be done, don't you think.

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Dirtdartwife said...

awesome! I love the flower! I did that with a pair of DD1's pants. I need to do it with a few more but she's shooting up on me too fast.