Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blue Circle Dress

For the big girls, I've got a new dress in my shop. It's a halter top in blue on a lovely sateen cotton skirt, with a fun print. This dress is too big for my 5 year old, as you can see, so it's obviously a size 6X to 8 girls/ youth size. So for all those looking for something for your big girl, this dress is for you!

I've done a couple other dresses with this fabric before. The first was long sleeve (which isn't the best use of this fabric, it's really better for spring and summer). And then I did a short sleeve. I have more of this fabric, but I don't have all that much yarn to offer a full range of top options. So if you like this dress contact me to see if I have enough yarn to make the dress you want.

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Amanda said...

I saw your comment about the bamboo fleece. I know you would probably hate to have the fleecy side in, but I have heard that it pills quite badly. I don't know this for sure, I haven't ever used it before last night and even then have only washed it once at this point. But anyway, the knit side is just as nice (I think) and if you stick the fleece side in you won't have have problems with pilling. But, if you don't mind pilling then you don't need to worry :o). I just thought I'd mention it because some people hate pilling and I wouldn't have thought to use the knit side out with fleece side in until I did some reading. I will be using my fleece with knit side out for most of what I make I think.