Monday, January 5, 2009

One of my goofiest creations

(Models with candy in their mouths don't smile very well...but don't she look contemporary!)

This could be one of my weirdest sweaters ever. I made it up as I went along, but I had in mind to make a sweater that would go nicely over a dress. Well, it does go over a dress well enough, but my husband said, "are you going to sewing some elastic into the bottom of that?" Okay, it's a bit different. I'm going to focus on the parts I am proud of.

The light brown part on the top and sleeves is knit in a texture pattern that slowed this completion down and make the painstakingly arduous to complete...just so you know.

Perhaps I should have skipped the dark strip on the arm, it's just not wide enough and leaves me thinking, "why?" But I hate to rip things out, and so that's why it remained.

Then I decided to add some laced stitchery...or whatever you'd like to call that. Initially I had this idea of having it go all the way around the skirt, and then two contrasting laces going up the sleeves too...but I got tired of this project and stopped with the first 6 laces. Sigh... But she does like it, she's wearing it now, so I guess I should be happy with the end results.


Dirtdartwife said...

That is really pretty! The bands on the arms make it look like a babydoll tank top with the straps slipped down.

You've got some mean talent!!! I love it!

sewmelody said...

Have you been in a mall lately? These little swing sweaters are so in right now! I saw 3 of them at church this past Sunday right in a row in front of me. Yours is absolutely gorgeous and one of a kind. Make more of these!!

Angoraknitter said...

No, I've not been to many malls lately. The nearest one is 90 miles away. However, I did notice when I walked through the Nordstoms in Porltand (while visiting my mom a week ago) that they had an adult knit top cami, very similar to my cami dresses. But of course theirs was way ugly, they sewed the bodice on inside out, and had the seams exposed. Seriously?

Regina said...

i LOVE this! super cute!!

scmom (Barbara) said...

I love it, too. I really like the brown bands on the arms -- and the swingy bottom. I think maybe the color throws you. If it were pink or white the style would be exactly right. That said, I like the colors, too.