Monday, September 21, 2009

Say it ain't so!

I got this far...nearly finished with this dress top before I realized that the sleeve lengths were not symmetrical. I had failed to cast on 10 stitches in one of the sleeves (a little over an inch difference)...and continued working all the way up and over the neck, and completed the sleeves before I realized that one sleeve was shorter than the other. UGH! There's no way to fix this other than to tear it out and start over.

A couple weeks ago I had a gal contact me looking to get me to make her a couple dresses. I turned down the order because of all I've go going right now. But, after this little debacle I'm more glad I didn't take on any paying customers right now, because I could only afford to make this severe of a mistake with my own kid's clothes. I'd be so much more devastated if I'd just had to tear out a week's worth of work for a waiting customer.

Which brings me to confess the real heart of why I've been shying away from custom orders this past year...I can't take the stress. I'd much rather just make a dress and find it a good home then try and create on demand. It's so much easier that way...though I do realize I might end up with an incredibly adorable dress that nobody wants that way. My little stash of pre-made dresses usually wind up as gifts, eventually.

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Dirtdartwife said...

I'm about to have a fourth girl and you know we LOVE every single dress you've ever made for us!!!! :)

But you nailed the exact reason I stopped making baby wipes to sell on ebay. I couldn't take the stress if someone didn't like them. You have to do what you feel emotionally is good for you and I know for me, making something then finding a good home makes me feel rather good.