Friday, January 31, 2014

knitting for profit

Saw this article online, What's it Worth? by Sam Hunter of Hunter's Design Studio and had to comment.

This is how I began to feel about knitting...there's no way anyone would pay me, even minimum wages, for the time I spent knitting my goods. For a solid year I did knit none stop trying to keep up with orders for my knit goods on Etsy, I made many, many dresses and sold them for prices that were competitive with the typical catalog. And at the end of it all, subtract materials and not even factoring cost of labor, I made a whopping $300 in profits...hardly enough to purchase a low end kitchen appliance. I love to knit, and wish I had more  hours in the day, to make things for folks, but my time away from my kids sure isn't worth such a measly price.

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