Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No buckels, snaps, nor webbing

Back to the basics with a few updates; my latest project was the repurposing of some old drapes into a Mei Tai baby carrier. Having heard raves about wrap straps I gave them a go, however didn't quite get the right angle when I pinned them in, so they pucker out from the top somewhat, which isn't all bad in that it causes the straps to stick up like a side head wing for the baby. Padding was added to the waist band, shoulder straps, head rest, and legs out area, helping to eliminate digging and wrap lines. The body of this carrier is extra small to better conform to my new "squish."

I'm glad I worked with this old curtain before cutting into the wrap I have sitting in the project box, as I'd need to change a few things if I made another Mei Tai. The straps are great! The hood and body panel have potential, and the waist is very comfortable. Still, some lines would need to be drawn a little differently.

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