Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another diaper Cover?

I just finished this diaper cover today, after starting it on Sunday. It took me four days. I think I have a touch of tendonitis to thank for it too.

My three year old has been potty training forever, and has yet to fully graduate. Well, she came down with a horrible diaper rash over the weekend, and she doesn't even really wear diapers, per say.

However, I determined that her PUL lined training pants weren't helping her skin to breath. Perhaps the were causing the problem? She needed a good old fashion lathering of lanolin with a bit of cotton and wool to help heal her bum. My old wool covers are just a tad too small for her now. She's been in training mode longer than my other kids ever were. So I yanked that XL wool diaper cover out of my store and stuck it on her over a pair of panties stuffed with a newborn prefold.

Then I ordered some ToddlerEase Sandy's, and got to work on another XL diaper cover. Perhaps I over reacted with the purchase of more diapers (but my thought was that the Sandy's are side snap and she could pull them up and down like undies if need be). She's healing very well now, and her rash is now peeling away, and no longer red and sore. She's back in her Imse Visme Training pants today.

Hopefully, she won't need this for long, but this way I'm prepare to keep her in breathable undies till....whenever she finally stops having accidents.

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Megan said...

I just got my Imse Vimse Training pants in the mail!! Haven't put them on yet, but they're just SOOO much nicer than the Gerber cotton training pants that I bought for the interim while I waited for my Imse's. CUTE Diaper Cover!!