Friday, October 17, 2008

Spinning Merino

I also spin...well know that my spinning wheel is repaired I do. Oh, I think it was about two years ago someone reclined the lazy boy into my spinning wheel and broke one of the wood peices that was instramental in the operation. I wasn't really actively spinning anyhow, so the wheel has sat collecting dust for the past three years. Yes, It's really been three years since I've completed anything. I've give you one guess as to why I was too busy to sit and spin three years ago.

This weekend I spun up the rest of this purple merino wool roving, which I purchased over three years ago in hopes of spinning and knitting up into a pretty sweater for Charlotte. We all know that didn't happen, and now I'm not sure what will become of this, but either way, I'm finished with the spinning part.

It's sort of lumpy and not the finest sample of spinning ever. However, I fell back in love with spinning, and have a wonderful 3+ pound Merino/ cormo cross fleece coming my way. I'll be blending Pearl's fleece with some of the angora wool I've been collecting over the last few years. Just you wait, it's going to be the softest wooly yarn ever!

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