Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bamboo prefold diapers are my new favorite

Diapers, diapers, diapers, I'm going back to the basics when it comes to diapering my baby. Except I've been around the block a time or two and I'm keeping a few of the modern inventions in my bag of tricks. Recently, I downsized my large stash of pocket diapers when I realized I didn't need enough to diaper twins. While they work really well for the toilet training stage, as we move closer to underpants, I seem to be using fewer pocket diapers for the older toddler, as they have fewer toilet misses. However, I wanted a softer natural fiber fabric next to the baby's skin, which you just can't do with a synthetic fiber pocket diaper. My experiments with "natural" lining pockets always resulted in wicking leaks

Grovia sz 4 over an older
European Prefold
My old prefold diapers were a little too long and sometimes too narrow so that the diapers were outgrown before they reached the max rise. Always, the old prefold needed to be folded down in either the front or back. However, the newest designs has ushered in the advent of the newly sized prefolds that are now wider and a little shorter making for a much better fit.

Cotton, a fiber for the ages is still king for it's endurance and absorbency, but bamboo and hemp have made their mark and are taking their place in the diaper world. I have a few different prefolds in my stash, but my favorite right now is Grovia's bamboo and cotton blend diaper. Certainly more expensive than a standard prefold, but still cheaper than a months worth of premium disposable diapers. They come in three packs and four sizes. The only size I would bother with, given my children's fast growth tendencies, is the toddler size 4. Currently, I have nine of these prefolds, and I "want" more. However, since I still have three little ones filling my diaper pail with (diapers, training pants, and extra thick night time fitted diapers), I have to wash long before I've actually run out of clean ones. Nine Grovia's is more than enough, if reserved for nap and bed time, when you're washing your diapers every other day.

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