Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little helper, big boost of self esteem

Our water miser saving dishwasher isn't very good at getting food and grime off the dishes. For the past year we've been washing our dishes entirely by hand and letting the dishwasher go unused. Then I read an article about how the dishwasher is superior in it's ability to kill germs because it can wash the dishes in near scalding hot water, where as my little dishwashers can't handle temps that high lest they burn their fingers. Wanting the best of both worlds, clean and sanitary, I'm implementing a team effort. We will scrub our plates and then let the dishwasher sanitize them.

Usually, I save the scrubbing for those eight and up, but this little tyke decided he wanted to wash dishes today, so I let him work until he tired of it; which took about 5 minutes and a few dishes. It's good to give the children tasks they can be successful at. Oh to go back to the time when dish washing was a novel experience!

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