Sunday, October 27, 2013

Local Shoutout for Nalls Produce

I love to visit Nalls Produce when I want to get a farm life fix. This semi-local farm is more of a nursery, but since they have livestock on the premises, it's feels a bit like visiting a farm. There are very few properties in this county that are large enough to meet the zoning rules for keeping chickens. The chickens and roosters are completely free range. Amazingly, they have quite a number of roosters, which always seem to get along really well (everyone with beautiful feathers) and I never once heard one cock-a-doodle. I wonder how they managed to keep the birds so quiet.

 We visited this weekend to select pumpkins for Halloween. Since our attempt at growing our own pumpkins in past years have resulted in Frankenstein Pumpchini, a bland cross between pumpkin and zucchini, we decided to forgo that crop in our small garden this year. Yesterday I saw many different gourds, most of which I'd never seen before in my life. It was a fabulous experience!

This is also the only place I know of to get our favorite black licorice by Backroad Country otherwise known around here as "licious". I once found it online, but it's been out of stock for quite a while. However, not only does Nalls carry the black licorice, but they had at least five other flavors as well. Yesterday we bought some of the green apple licorice. It was superb!

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