Friday, April 4, 2008

A division of home and business

I've been spamming my blog friends for way too long. It's time to put a divide on the business and the private life. This blog is where I'll showcase my work. Now, it doesn't mean I won't spam my other blog once in a while...but I'll try to keep business a little less intermingled from here on out.

I have two base dress designs. The first was the Charlotte Cami, A dress that I've been making for over two years now. It started out with this dress made from a cotton yarn remnant, and some left over fabric I'd used to make a sling. After using up the rest of the cotton yarn I had in my stash, I ordered some stretchy cotton yarn and Charlotte's cami was off and running.

A few months later, my friend complained that she loved my dresses, but she didn't like her girls to wear dresses without sleeves. And since we do get way too much sun here, a dress that covered our vulnerable shoulders did have merit. Another friend showed me a pattern book with wrap kimono baby tops. The pattern was knit from bottom of the back, up and over the shoulders, and down to the bottom of the front. It was just the spark of inspiration I needed. I took that idea and created the Felicity V-neck dress. The first one was suppose to be long sleeves, but as she Felicity grew, the dress became a 3/4 length sleeve dress, which inspired more versions later...which I will write about soon.

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