Sunday, November 24, 2013

Balsamic Vinegar Goodness

This dish reminded me of something I had once, a long time ago, before I had kids, when I was still young, and agile.  I was a very fortunate guest at a swanky Italian Restaurant in Pasadena, CA. While my order was just sliced tomato's, mozzarella, everyone else at the table was ogling my meal the entire time. Such simplicity can be splendid sometimes.  

My attempt to condense the vinegar, per Pioneer Woman's instruction didn't quite yield the same drizzle effect she accomplishes. Therefore, my conclusion was that all that vinegar and oil goodness needed the support of a bed of spinach, which was my contribution to this great dish. Though you can't really see it, it was fresh and divine.

We have two of Ree Drummund's books in our kitchen. Inspiration abounds when I crack them open. Of course I've been learning from Ree for years as I've followed her blog. You don't have to purchase her books to obtain her recipes. However, after a while it becomes handy to have your own copy so you're not smudging butter and flour all over your laptop while scrolling through the webpage.

While this is tasty, it's also nutritious. Instead of tomatoes you might choose to see vitamins A, C, E, K, and Potassium. The spinach is providing even more nutrients with vitamins A,C,K, and folate (which is even better than it's synthetic sister, folic acid). Pair those up with mozzarella's protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and mega calcium, and you're eating pretty good!

The Caprese Salad by The Pioneer Woman Cooks

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