Sunday, November 10, 2013

Let's Laminate!

How I managed to home school without a laminator for over six years I can not fathom. When our Classically Catholic Memory, (CCM) history timeline cards arrived it became a first order priority to procure a laminator. Surely they'd be wrecked in short order if I didn't find a way to protect them. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon a laminator, by Purple Cow, at Costco, selling for less than $20. Reviews on amazon were decent, so I snatched one up, brought it home, and started encasing all my flash cards in plastic. The machine came with only 30 pouches in my flash card's size, but I was able to find more, with decent reviews, at a good price. To my delight the pouches I bought worked just fine in the machine and were even nicer than the first group. 

Laminating is a little addictive. Once you finish one project you'll already have another in mind. Lucky for me, I'm too busy for addictions. Though my notion to laminate my copy of alphabet cards is finally underway with the help of my oldest daughter. She's picked up where I left off and has been helping me color.  The machine came with 100 full sized pouches, so I haven't had to buy any other sizes as of yet.


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Michelle said...

We're doing CCM this year too....and laminating timeline cards.