Friday, November 29, 2013

Diverting from tradition

...Oh, but just a little bit. Usually, we make pumpkin pie and sometimes apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. This year my husband balked at pumpkin pie filling from a can, however, neither of us had time to render down a pumpkin. My original plans called for just an apple pie, but I to be spontaneous too.

Yes, I over baked
the coconut flakes too.
I've had a bag of coconut flakes in my pantry needing to be consumed. So, I found a Coconut Cookies recipe, which we made, that was awesome! This resulted in left over coconut milk. Heeding the author's suggestion we were determined to make something else to use up the milk.

For the first time ever, we had Coconut Cream Pie, and even though I over scalded the custard, and the pie had a slight burnt flavor, it was still a big hit. We're looking forward to trying this again, only next time, not burnt.

Since I'd used up my only pie pan for the Coconut Cream Pie, I had to get creative with my apple pie plans. During an earlier point in our army life we were stationed with a woman who made "cheesy apples." Fondly recalling her delightful desert inspired me to make an apple cheddar cobbler instead. This worked better for me, because I still haven't mastered mixing and rolling pie crust. I'd rather just mix the dough and then pound it into the pan then have to deal with rolling it. I've just never been able to do it. Cobbler is way easier.

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