Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm working out!

Today was my third day of my first week doing the workout program, P90X. My husband acquired this a while ago. As I was pregnant when he went through it last year, I've never tried this before. The husband doesn't like working out at home, and prefers to go places and see things while exercising. Since I'm committed to being home with the kids at all times, everything that happens in my life has to take place at home or it's not going to happen, at least not on a regular basis. So I've dusted off the group of CD work outs, and am giving them a try. Maybe I'll update with a flabby belly shot next week and keep track of my results.... we'll see.

The first workout I did, on Monday, was the Core Synergistic, which was brutal! Some of the moves I simply could not do, because I seem to lack even a introductory level of core strength. I tried everything at least once, but for moves I found I could not do, I just lay there and watched, or did part of the move instead. I've been so stiff and sore since doing this first work out.

Yesterday, I did cardio, which wasn't too bad. The funky jumping jacks are kind of fun. Since I was sore I wondered if I'd be able to do another workout, but as each workout is targeting different muscles it wasn't any harder once I'd got warmed up and going. I've noticed that doing the next workout helps relieve the tightness of the muscles used the day before.

Today I attempted the shoulders and arm workout, but I had to break so many times for kid and baby issues that it took twice as long to complete the actual workout. My guide also directed me to complete the Ab ripper workout, but I decided to post phone that till tomorrow, perhaps while the turkey is in the oven. I suppose this is still better than not doing anything at all, and at least this way I can hit pause and come back to it when I need to step away.

Using 5lb dumbbells I found shoulders and arms to be quite doable. Though I modified the chair press, and had to limit my reps on the funky side crunch thing when my 8 month old decided if I was on the floor I must be a fun piece of playground equipment, repeatedly climbing on top of me.

All and all I think my core is the weakest and that's where I'm going to flounder for a while. Hopefully, this will help me get that part of my body more in line with everything else.

My goal is to get stronger and more energetic. I want to be able to do more with my days and not feel so tired all the time. You never get something (worth anything) without putting in hard work to earn it.

Update: Day 4 was Thanksgiving so I did Ab ripper X, which I'd missed the day before. Yowzers, do I have a lot of room for improvement there! However, now I'm inspired to develop some nicely toned abdomen muscles, something I've never achieved before. Today I resumed with the regularly scheduled day 4; Yoga, which seems long. I'm beginning to feel strain in muscles I didn't even know existed. I suppose that's the point. There's certainly a few of these moves I can't do yet, but I tried just about everything.
Update: Day 5 was legs and back. Half the workout is pull ups. I've never done a pull up in my life, but not for lack of trying. The best I've ever been able to do is a bar hang. For the first week I just did mock pull ups, but next week I hope to employ our portable chin up bar and try them using the chair assist method.  Day 6 was Kempo X, with lots of punching and kicking karate style, lots of fun! And finally, today, Day 7, was rest and Stretch, which still required about an hour of my time; well spent. Tomorrow will be Core Synergist again. I started the week at about 130lbs and haven't lost any weight so far, which isn't my goal anyhow. I want to build muscle, strength, endurance, and energy so I can do of the things I need and want to do. I do feel a bit more energized already.

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